Design Trends To Look For In 2018

Every year there is something new that catches our eye in this modern digital world. This year designers will be taking their creativity to a whole new level. You will see such trends like 3D Still Life, Animations, and Retro Design Style with popping bright colours. Check out these designs and be truly amazed!

3D Still Life

Using 3D imagery is a great way to show off your brand or product and be able to capture your audience with curiosity and excitement. Weather design is achieved through Photography or 3D technology, the creations are limitless! 

3D typography

3D typography is something that's becoming more and more popular every year. Designers are pushing their boundaries on typography creativity, capturing some truly amazing modern art.

Animated Logo GIFs

Animated Branding is a rising trend amongst designers. Animations for Logos and Apps are very captivating, where you can truly express what your brand is all about.

Interactive Web Design

Interactive Web Design has been becoming increasingly popular, where you are able to utilise user interactivity on almost every device. This type of Web Design can truly capture some amazing designs, giving your brand that extra pizzazz.

Mia Taylor